Web Content and SEO

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Writing and translating effectively for the Web requires specialized skills, and we have them.

What exactly is web content writing?

In order to attract Google’s attention and properly rank your page from among the Internet users search results, your web content writer carries out a process called referencing (also known as SEO).

  • Search for quality keywords.
  • Strategically position these keywords within your content.
  • Optimization methods, such as internal linking, structuring of texts and link juice management.

The purpose of referencing is critical: seduce search engines and hoist your pages as high as possible on the results page.

Satisfied readers

After the strategic positioning of keywords and the application of SEO tips, the web content writer plays with the theme of your page, enriching the lexical field, writing powerful and concise sentences, dividing the text, finding punchy titles and much much more.

There are a multitude of writing techniques and strategies to maintain the recipient’s attention. We have them at out fingertips, so benefit from our skills and expertise!

And where does translation fit into all this?

Knowledgeable translators understand how to apply the best web writing practices. Your translations will therefore be optimized for both SEO and your Internet users, and you will benefit from Web content in both languages.

Writing for social media

Social media is all around us. How can you skillfully manage your messages, pictures, answer potential clients or calls to action? Reach a larger audience and distinguish yourself from your competitors with targeted posts that truly reflect the essence of your company. 

Expert writers know how to work with words and are aware of the many tricks of the trade that will catch the readers’ attention so they answer your call to action. Make them click.

Have you thought of mobile devices?

More than 50% of web browsing is done on a mobile device rather than on a desktop. Have your content adapted to appeal to your mobile audience; you will reap the benefits.

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