Postrophe Translation Team

The translators from Postrophe follow the trends in communication and stay up to date with respect to what’s happening in the world of translation.

Their strengths? They are long-time accomplices and most importantly, complement each other in their work.

Did you know that a translator always translates into their mother tongue?

Alison is an Anglophone and Christine is a Francophone. As such, Postrophe is a one-stop shop, offering both French to English and English to French translation services. Customers also benefit from this dual expertise to request the bilingual revision of documents (and websites!).

Alison Delaney​

Certificate in translation, B.A. Comm.

When you enter Alison’s home, you are exposed to music, the sounds of children and lots of laughter. This love for life is reflected in her work and in her work ethic. Alison brings your projects to life and helps your business grow thanks to her communication expertise.

She enjoys communicating with her clients in search of the best solution to their language needs.

  • Translation program (TELUQ)
  • B.A. in Communication
  • College diploma in Fashion Marketing
  • Many years of experience in the private sector
  • Field of expertise: social media, marketing, advertising, human resources, landscaping and more.

Christine Fournier

M.A., Certified translator (OTTIAQ)

Christine wears many hats; one as a translator, one as a lecturer and one as an instructor (and of course, one as a mom). Christine is passionate about translation, and searches the Web for articles in language studies to further her knowledge. 

Her objective: that translation remains a living field, in which translators serve as valuable advisors for all content production.

  • Course lecturer – language studies at UQO and Laval University
  • Trainer for language professionals at Magistrad
  • M.A. in language studies
  • B.A. in translation and writing
  • B.A. in education
  • Field of expertise: websites and digital documents, social media, human resources, marketing, staffing agencies, telecommunications, education and more.

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