Language Services

Enhance your image and your communications.

Words can be viewed and treated in many ways. They can be written, translated, corrected and published. They must also take on a life of their own, be representative and convincing.

The digital world enhances your opportunities to shine. Choose a language specialist who knows how to use platforms and genres that help you. Postrophe offers professional, serious, documented and up-to-date services that are fast, tailored and just one click away!


English-French and French-English translations. Your target audience will be pleased to read a text that does not read as a translation.

Documents: press releases, internal communications, newsletters, blog articles, reports, PowerPoint presentations, pamphlets, advertisements, instruction manuals, product descriptions, memos, Web pages, procedures, policies and much more.

Clients: small and large privately owned business, municipalities, museums, government agencies, communication agencies and non-profit organizations.


You have great ideas. Let Postrophe enrich and highlight them.

We adopt your voice, your style, your tone to create clear and impactful texts tailored to the needs of your target audience. Tell us about your project!  


Whether it be minor corrections or in-depth text work, the goal of revision is to ensure that your communication is flawless.

Reviewing involves correcting syntax, grammar, style and spelling. The mistakes are corrected and we suggest improvements, while keeping the essence of your text.


Proofreading comes after editing, when your text is formatted, ready to be printed or published on the Internet.

When proofreading, the language expert keeps an eagle eye in order to identify the last of the typos and layout glitches, such as unnecessary spaces, problems with numbering or the alignment of content, broken links, missing punctuation, etc.

We point out corrections with simple tools such as screenshots and comments, directly on your proofs. So it’s easy to understand.

Text Adaption

For a language specialist, text adaptation is the perfect opportunity to play with words. Challenge us! Here are some ideas:

  • Translation of ads, slogans or brand names
  • Text adaptation into various digital formats
  • Precis writing
  • Popularize your text 

Free, no commitment, quick response time.