How much does a translation cost?

Each request is unique. The price is determined according to the number of words and the type of translation that is requested.

To have a good idea of the cost of your project, send us your document and specify your needs.

The cost of the translation is calculated according to the number of words in the original text. The cost can vary according to the complexity, and the specialized or technical nature of the text.

This rate is used when the number of words is difficult to calculate, for example, videos, PDF documents or web pages.
The nature of certain texts also dictates the use of the hourly rate:
• Posts for social media
• Advertising translation
• Marketing Translation

The hourly rate applies to all other services: writing, revision, proofreading and text adaptation. The quote is free and confidential.

For an express service, we will mobilize our resources and your request will be processed first.

Delivery times are established with the client and will be respected.

Once the document has been delivered, a detailed invoice will be sent to you. Payment is expected within 30 days of invoicing. Payments can be made by check, bank transfer or Interac payment.

Free, no commitment, quick response time.