We translate both from French to English and English to French, each translator working in her mother tongue. Each has mastered the subtleties of the targeted language, guaranteeing the proper idiomatic communications expected by your clients.


A company’s success is based upon its reputation, hence the importance of carefully developing your communication tools and the image they project. You can entrust us with the drafting of documents such as:

  • reports
  • press release
  • flyers
  • speeches
  • letters
  • protocols


Web Writing

The web is everywhere! Your site is a showcase for customers. It is while browsing your site that they can evaluate the professionalism of your company. Our team has proficient web writing skills. We know exactly what to write and how to write it so that it captures your reader’s attention and gives you the best visibility. Stand out from your competitors!

  • Website
  • Newsletters
  • Blogs
  • Twitter comments

Website Design

An added value to your text as well as website can be done through a good graphic concept. Mike Eby, our graphic designer (collaborator), has over 15 years experience in graphic design. Starting with the design of your company logo to the creation of an attractive and ergonomically sound website, the owner of EbyArt will know how to enhance your company’s value.

Text Adaptation

You wish to take your existing texts and transfer them onto the Internet? Reap the benefits of adapting your texts so that they are compatible with the Internet; make your text interactive and more legible.


No one can afford to lose credibility due to spelling or grammatical errors. We will rigorously examine your documents in order to eliminate all errors in style, spelling, grammar and printing.